The Power of Connected Marketing

Time and time again, we meet customers who have been promised the magical marketing silver bullet…

  • A website so omnipotent that it will automatically outrank all other websites on Google.  Once visited, it will have prospects lunging for the telephone.
  • That one all singing, all dancing, razzle-dazzle email campaign that will jump out from the confines of an inbox and have customers flocking from far and wide waving cash or signing up.
  • The social media presence set to take the Internet by storm.  With followers in the millions, Stephen Fry will be running scared.

What many of these businesses have ended up with is:

  • An unloved and out of date website built cheaply by a firm, who guaranteed to have it at the top of Google.  Since then it has remained untouched; old case studies, news articles from 2011, a few typos and a scattering of “Times New Roman” font thrown in here and there for good measure.
  • A Company Facebook page featuring some pictures from the staff Christmas knees-up back in 2010 liked by a few friends and family, admirably accompanied by a Twitter account followed by 20 people in China.
  • A one-size-fits-all email campaign that looked a little odd when viewed on an iPad yet was nonetheless blasted out to everyone and had customers reaching for the delete button.

Sound familiar?  Truth is there is no one silver bullet.  But there is a marketing strategy that is proven to deliver…

Allow us to introduce the concept of Connected Marketing.  When all your marketing is connected and designed to be so, it works.   When this strategy is well maintained and executed, it works. Imagine if you will:

  • A creative and regularly updated website that articulates your messages clearly, features new content and encourages engagement through web, email, social media or telephone
  • A content strategy designed to feed all marketing channels
  • A well-run social media presence that makes best use of all your content to engage with relevant followers, encouraging interaction and traffic to your website.
  • An up to date, properly segmented customer and prospect database.
  • An email communication plan that speaks to your customers as individuals in a way that is creative yet relevant and encourages dialogue.

Each one of these elements can stand alone or work even better when combined as part of an effective strategy to drive the effectiveness of the others.  Start with any one and you’ll see tangible results.  The more elements you connect the stronger your results will become.

Foe more advice on how connected marketing can revolutionise your business we’d be delighted to talk.  You can reach us through web, email, Twitter, Facebook or telephone!


Written by:

Jayne Smith