Pick a card: The importance of getting marketing messages right

Have you ever seen the trick where the member of the audience draws a random picture on paper, and through the power of telepathy the magician accurately replicates that drawing? Well, I have a similar and equally impressive trick to share with you.

When I speak with a new client and ask what makes their company/service special I can predict with frightening accuracy what they will say. It doesn’t matter which market sector, company size or product sold – they will all claim:

• To ‘care’ and provide the best quality of service to the customer.
• To have the best/friendliest/cleverest team.

If I had drawn a picture of a smiley-faced stick man team and a smiley-faced stick man customer surrounded by love hearts, I’d be spot on!

Now, these claims may be true but let’s face it when a customer comes to selecting the right vendor this messaging will hardly stand out against all the other companies making exactly the same claim. As a customer, do we not all take it as red that any company we deal with will provide a good service, care and have a friendly and trustworthy team. Is this not an expectation rather than an aspiration? Will we not hear that from all the other suppliers? In fact, there’s nothing magical about this messaging.

Getting your messaging right is fundamental to the success of any business or marketing approach, no matter what sector you are engaged in.

The best way to start is by defining your ideal audience. Consider the following:

• What will your ideal client’s profile most likely be?
• Can those clients be segmented into different categories?
• What keeps them awake at night that your solution/product or service can uniquely address?
• What are their alternative options – this includes competitors and the ‘do nothing’ option?
• Why should they choose you?
• How can you prove to them that they need your service and that they should choose you?

Once you have addressed all these questions, you should be able to come up with the top 5 messages for your business. These messages should be crystal clear, watertight and reinforced through all your content and your marketing strategy.

Now that’s what I call magic!

Written by:

Jayne Smith