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Making your website pay

Written by: Jayne SmithSeptember 12, 2017

Thinking of a new website? When most businesses consider a new website, they think mainly about the design, the colours and the look and feel. Whilst this is an important part of creating the perfect website many fail to consider the most vital element of all – how to make it pay. In order to gain the maximum return on your investment, here are a few things to consider: Integration A Great website is integrated with an overall marketing strategy. It should form an integral part of social media, content

Pick a card: The importance of getting marketing messages right

Written by: Jayne SmithMarch 18, 2015

Have you ever seen the trick where the member of the audience draws a random picture on paper, and through the power of telepathy the magician accurately replicates that drawing? Well, I have a similar and equally impressive trick to share with you. When I speak with a new client and ask what makes their company/service special I can predict with frightening accuracy what they will say. It doesn’t matter which market sector, company size or product sold - they will all claim: • To ‘care’ and provide the best

The Power of Connected Marketing

Written by: Jayne SmithApril 15, 2013

Time and time again, we meet customers who have been promised the magical marketing silver bullet… A website so omnipotent that it will automatically outrank all other websites on Google.  Once visited, it will have prospects lunging for the telephone. That one all singing, all dancing, razzle-dazzle email campaign that will jump out from the confines of an inbox and have customers flocking from far and wide waving cash or signing up. The social media presence set to take the Internet by storm.  With followers in the millions, Stephen Fry