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5 Tactics to Boost Your Facebook Business Page

Written by: Jayne SmithSeptember 8, 2020

Starting a Facebook business page is a straightforward enough process and yet with falling organic reach and engagement, many businesses find it a challenge to make their page work for them and fail to grow their page and increase its reach. Here are 5 simple tactics you can try today in order to give your Facebook page a boost: Create content specifically for Facebook Create inspirational, new, unique, funny or thought-provoking content that your audience will be interested to read or watch.  Use video, share news, blogs, opinion pieces, case

Making your website pay

Written by: Jayne SmithSeptember 12, 2017

Thinking of a new website? When most businesses consider a new website, they think mainly about the design, the colours and the look and feel. Whilst this is an important part of creating the perfect website many fail to consider the most vital element of all – how to make it pay. In order to gain the maximum return on your investment, here are a few things to consider: Integration A Great website is integrated with an overall marketing strategy. It should form an integral part of social media, content

5 Halloween Horrors: Ensure your Website Design isn’t Shocking!

Written by: Jayne SmithOctober 27, 2016

This Halloween, make sure your website doesn’t go bump in the night.  Here are our 5 website related Halloween horrors – avoid them at all costs if you don’t want your new website to be a shocker! 1.    Dastardly Design - Don’t have your website designed by a “techy” Trust me, website design and website development are completely different animals.  Their proponents think differently, they work differently and let’s face it they even dress differently.  We have certainly seen a few Halloween costumes along the way!  Developers are all about

Shine Bright like a Diamond: The Role of Print in a Digital World

Written by: Jayne SmithJuly 16, 2013

The digital revolution has changed the face of communication for good. Using digital techniques, marketers can provide timely, relevant and measureable communications to engage and captivate their audience.  With print and postage costs comparatively sky-high, what’s not to like? But wait a minute… Along the way I have noticed that my business letterbox is getting rusty.  Apart from a few invoices I receive very little of substance by post these days.  It seems even the junk mail of old has been replaced by SPAM.   In fact, when something interesting arrives