A Dog, a Snake and the Power of Social Media

Written by: Jayne SmithFebruary 25, 2014

You just couldn’t make it up!  A rather peculiar string of events this week has demonstrated once again the immense power of social media and has brought to mind its largely untapped potential as an effective part of any decent PR strategy. So here’s the strange tale… It all started last Friday with a simple dog walk with my Weimaraner dog, Milly, across waterlogged fields.  When I got home I realised that poor Milly was lame and took her to the vet thinking she had broken her leg.  Turns out,…Read more ›

10 Twitter Tips for Business

Written by: Jayne SmithDecember 11, 2013

Tweet regularly - It doesn’t take long to post 140 characters, stick with it and tweet regularly.  Every day if you can; even more if you find something interesting or useful.  Keep your followers engaged! Pick a topic and stick with it – When tweeting with business in mind, try to establish credibility in your chosen field.  This way you will attract appropriate followers and engage with a relevant group.  You will pick up great advice, tips and tricks Join the conversation – Don’t take a back seat.  Interject, engage,…Read more ›

Email Marketing Halloween Howlers!

Written by: Helen HarrisOctober 29, 2013

Here’s a list of email marketing ‘horrors’ we see on a regular basis, and some quick tips on how to avoid them… 1. Sending too many emails. There can be too much of a good thing when it comes to email! Many companies are guilty of bombarding their readers too often with too many emails. Anything more than your readers may have expected may lead to subscriber attrition – beware!! 2. Lack of relevancy Instead of focusing on the frequency of your email communications, focus instead on making a relevant…Read more ›

Shine Bright like a Diamond: The Role of Print in a Digital World

Written by: Jayne SmithJuly 16, 2013

The digital revolution has changed the face of communication for good. Using digital techniques, marketers can provide timely, relevant and measureable communications to engage and captivate their audience.  With print and postage costs comparatively sky-high, what’s not to like? But wait a minute… Along the way I have noticed that my business letterbox is getting rusty.  Apart from a few invoices I receive very little of substance by post these days.  It seems even the junk mail of old has been replaced by SPAM.   In fact, when something interesting arrives…Read more ›

Why blog?

Written by: Helen HarrisJune 5, 2013

Why blog? Just when you thought your marketing was up to date and you had every content angle covered, you’re asked if you have a blog! You have a great website that attracts visitors. You’re active on Twitter and you attract interest from people through you company Facebook page, and now you’re told you could be doing more! What is a blog? In short, a blog is a collection of writing (posts) that is regularly updated. Posts appear in reverse chronological order to the reader, but can be sorted by…Read more ›