How mobile is your website?

Are you viewing this blog on a mobile device? If you are, and since mobile internet use has surpassed desktop use, that’s likely; you’ll notice that you’re probably not rushing to grab a magnifying glass or having to pinch your screen to read the small print. That’s because ours is a mobile-friendly, responsive design website.

Could your potential clients say the same about your website?

Allow me to get straight to the point, as the message is very simple:

A mobile-friendly website design is an absolute MUST for businesses of all sizes. If yours isn’t, you’re probably losing business.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a mobile-friendly website:

  1. Everybody is on mobile – it’s a fact that, over 80% of marketing content is now consumed on a mobile device. Globally, more people have access to a mobile device than a toothbrush!
  1. Improved user experience – no need for the magnifying glass. Websites are displayed to suit each device perfectly and will benefit from faster download speeds.
  1. Google loves responsive design – responsive design is preferred for SEO and will help your site achieve improved Google rankings.
  1. Competitive advantage – your website is often the first place people will look when considering your product or service, so it needs to impress.
  1. Social media referrers – 91% of mobile Internet access is used for social activities. If your business in involved in social media there’s a high chance incoming traffic will be coming via mobile.

So why aren’t all websites responsive?

Technology moves fast. A few years back, it was primarily the larger brands with deeper pockets that were able to adapt and rebuild their sites in this way. Times have changed, it’s now accessible to all and for much less than you might imagine.

Can you afford not to?

Written by:

Jayne Smith