And our online survey says…

Online surveys are a useful tool in any marketer’s kitbag.  They can be posted online and participants can be invited to respond by email, SMS or social media.

Survey data can be used for so many different purposes, from gauging customer satisfaction levels, testing messaging through to better understanding market requirements or market trends.

Whatever your objective, here are 5 important things to think about when putting your survey together:

What’s in it for me?  – Think about what will entice your participant to take the time to complete the survey and be sure to articulate that in your invitation.

Less is more – A short survey is much better than a long one.  Aim for 20 questions or less.  Participants will drop out if they feel your survey is too long or too cumbersome to complete.

Keep it simple – Questions need to be well presented, easy to understand and  straightforward to answer.

Consider anonymity – Reassure respondents that their personal data will be kept confidential.  And, if you really want to reveal the truth allow respondents to remain anonymous if they wish.

Gathering insight – Analyse your results to gain insight into what they actually mean.  Infographics are an ideal way to share complex information in an easy to digest format.

At Rapport Digital, we have a deep understanding of survey best practices and can work with you to develop your survey content, build your online survey and help you analyse the results through customised reporting.


Written by:

Helen Harris