7 Content Ideas to Drive Your Social Media Strategy

Stuck for ideas for your next blog post? Need inspiration for your content marketing strategy?

We all know content creation is key to engaging your audience. Content should be informative, timely, relevant and entertaining – but how can you make your content stand out.

We hope our tips below will inspire you to create innovative content ideas to help boost your content and social media marketing…

  1. Tips – provide a list of benefits for doing something, or a list of common pitfalls to avoid
  2. Video – use screenr to create a screencast of your product or service offering
  3. Presentation – post a presentation on Slideshare and tag with relevant keywords for your company
  4. Research – use Survey Monkey to survey your customers and prospects on an industry related topic. Create an infographic to showcase the results
  5. Use your existing content – share an excerpt from an eBook or whitepaper and include a call to action to download the full publication
  6. Thought leadership – be the first in your space to offer industry related ‘take-aways’ based on breaking news
  7. It’s all about you! – you can get away with blatantly promoting your company and its services, as long as it’s only once in a while! Why not interview a key customer on their experience of using your product or service?

Written by:

Helen Harris