5 reasons we still love email

Remember the good old days? We all loved email.

Opening email in Outlook as the first job of each morning was exciting. I certainly remember avidly reading my email at the start of each day accompanied by that oh-so-lovely first cup of coffee.

Roll on a decade or two, and now that same task can feel like more of a housekeeping chore than anything else. Nefarious Nigerian email scams and mountains of virus-infested unsolicited SPAM head straight for the trash before we even read a relevant email.

So, how do we feel about email today?  Truth is, email has changed and the way we approach email needs to be more sophisticated. DIY approaches are quite simply less likely to cut it. However, a well-targeted, professionally produced and relevant email still shines out like a diamond in the rough. So what’s not to love?

Here are 5 reasons we should all still love email:

1.  Email is cost effective – email marketing allows small businesses to reach a large number of customers and prospects at a rate of pennies per message. For those on a budget, this makes it a better choice than many other forms of communication such as direct mail, traditional advertising or banner advertising.

2.  Email is measurable – unlike other forms of communication, email is entirely measurable. Campaigns can be measured in detail through open, click-through and conversion rates. This data allows marketers to adjust strategies to refine future campaigns to drive results.

3.  Email is engaging – With a little forethought and creativity, relevant, well-targeted content can be delivered to individuals wherever they are, be it desktop or mobile. Recipients can instantaneously access your web content, share and communicate via social media or make contact with a simple click.

4.  Email is immediate – Email reaches recipients in a matter of seconds. It is great for last minute offers and lends itself perfectly to mobile devices. Businesses do not need to wait weeks to see results.

5.  Email is easy – Sure, the days of the amateurish DIY approach to email marketing have gone but that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard. With professional help it’s quick and easy to get started. A well-crafted email campaign can be created, tested and sent in a matter of days without the need to use an in-house marketing team.

Why not see for yourself?

At Rapport Digital, we are email specialists. From creative copywriting and html template design through to broadcast and reporting on open and click-through rates, we’ll provide all the support you need for less than you think.

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Written by:

Jayne Smith