5 Halloween Horrors: Ensure your Website Design isn’t Shocking!

This Halloween, make sure your website doesn’t go bump in the night.  Here are our 5 website related Halloween horrors – avoid them at all costs if you don’t want your new website to be a shocker!

1.    Dastardly Design – Don’t have your website designed by a “techy”

Trust me, website design and website development are completely different animals.  Their proponents think differently, they work differently and let’s face it they even dress differently.  We have certainly seen a few Halloween costumes along the way!  Developers are all about how the site works technically, they rarely have an eye for the design details.  Unfortunately, this design detail is what your customer will see.  They won’t marvel at the underlying java script, or be in awe of the HTML.  The only code your customer is likely to see if you make this mistake is a code red! They will judge your company on how well your website conveys your key messages and how it looks.  That said, your web designer and developer should work together as one to achieve best results.

2.    Creepy Copy – Avoid writing your own web copy

The margin for error on this Halloween horror is content enough for a blog all of its own!  Your web copy needs to get your company’s strengths across quickly and succinctly.  It should be concise and free of waffle.  On average, a customer will spend around a minute and a half  on your site and certainly won’t read every last word before making a decision on whether or not to get in touch.  Does your web copy contain all the appropriate keywords, and in the right proportions?   Is your grammar and spelling perfect?  Can you articulate what makes your company special in a few sentences?   Fall foul of this common pitfall and you’ll have prospective customers running for cover!

3.    The Mask of Invisibility – Don’t assume anyone will visit your website just because it’s there.

I hate to break the shocking news, but the truth is that regardless of any claims your web developer might make, your new website will not automatically be at the top of Google.  (Possibly unless you are a Transylvanian Bat Taxidermist, and that is the search term you’re interested in!)  Having your website found requires a definite marketing plan and should include content, social media, SEO, Ad Words and a plethora of other activities designed to attract traffic to your website.  Your website launch MUST include a marketing plan to really make it soar.

4.    Gotcha! – Avoid using a niche or custom-built CMS system unless you really have to.

Make sure that the Content Management System you are using is widely available, and has been tried and tested by other successful companies and websites.  Use a niche, or custom-built CMS system and you may find that you can’t add additional functionality without receiving a frightening bill!  You’ll be ‘virtually’ shackled to your Web Developer as you may find that nobody else they can make any updates.  Imagine if they were to be attacked by vampires this Halloween; your website could also be dead and buried.  In most cases, a well respected and widely used CMS such as WordPress is often the best solution.  These systems are continually improved, additional functionality can often be provided through a simple plugin and in case of vampire attacks there are plenty of alternative development resources available.

5.    Mummified for Mobile – Overlook mobile at your peril.

With over 40 million people in the UK owning either a smartphone or tablet, forget mobile at your peril. Your site needs to render perfectly on devices of all kinds or you may find your website is buried alive! Check out our video to ensure your website is not scaring your mobile visitors away!!

If you feel that you are at risk of falling foul of any of these Halloween horrors, why not get in touch?  We’re far from scary and our fees will not come as a terrible shock!


Written by:

Jayne Smith